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Water Sustainability Act

Water Sustainability Act and Regulations

AS OF 2016

British Columbia’s Water Sustainability Act establishes the broad legal framework for managing water in British Columbia.  Details about how the Water Sustainability Act is applied are provided in the related regulations.  

The following non-exhaustive summary of items that apply to geoexchange practitioners are not meant to replace a proper review of the governing laws and regulations and are for informational purposes only.  Industry professionals and other affected parties are urged to seek further information from the relevant Ministries, the applicable laws, and the associated regulations.

Select elements from the Water Sustainability Act and corresponding regulations that apply to the geoexchange industry include:

    1.       Adoption of closed-loop geoexchange wells as a new class of well;

    2.       Recognition of 'Geoexchange Driller' as a distinct driller trade;

    3.       Limitation of new drillers to activities within their respective drilling trade;

    4.       Requirement of a full length seal for new closed-loop geoexchange wells;

    5.       Submission of one well construction report per system to the comptroller for closed-loop geoexchange wells.


Brochures made available by the Ministry


To visit the Ministry website and view the Water Sustainability Act and Regulations, click here.