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2402 - 1010 Richards Street
Vancouver, BC V6B 1G2

+1 604 800 9091

About GeoExchange BC



GeoExchange BC is the provincial industry association in British Columbia dedicated to the education, promotion and responsible design and installation of low temperature ground source (geoexchange) energy systems. 

Started in 2002, GeoExchange BC is a non-profit society serving the private and public interests of our growing membership and of industry from all sectors across British Columbia.  GeoExchange BC is governed by a volunteer board of elected directors who lead a series of activity-based and standing committees. 

The vision of GeoExchange BC is to see ‘geoexchange’ established as a widely recognized reliable, high-performance, and competitive heating and cooling delivery technology in British Columbia.

Working to see the Society's vision realised, the mission of the Society is to promote public awareness, improve professional capabilities, research and develop literature, and provide information sharing between industry professionals and other stakeholders associated with the geoexchange industry.


The term 'geoexchange' and the technology that it employs, also sometimes referred to as 'geothermal', 'geothermal heat pump' or 'ground source' energy systems, is recognised as the most energy efficient means of heating and cooling a building and providing domestic hot water through the practical exchange of low-temperature earth energy. 

We favour using the term geoexchange for low-temperature earth energy to distinguish it from medium and high-temperature geothermal technology which is commonly intended for power generation or direct heating applications.